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Why Networking

We’ve been asked many times: Why try to make these connections? We truly believe that God puts people in your path for a reason — to push you to discover your fullest potential. We also believe that encouragement is the best path to success, so we’ve created three unique ways for businesses and artists to connect with each other and share business ideas and solutions. Our community networking events allow our clients to meet successful business owners face-to-face and share ideas in person. We’ve created quite the unique network of relationships where faith serves as the foundation. With Christian network marketing opportunities, you will not only be creating a solid community of people to communicate with but have the possibility of communicating with potential clientele. Allow us to be a driving force behind your business. Contact us now to find a local Christian networking event that works for you. We believe our positive outlook and supportive programs are exactly what you need.

Upcoming Events

14th, 2023


Divine Connections "Bring It" Event

11:00 am - 3:00 pm Mebane Art Center 633 Corregidor St. Mebane NC



Divine Connections 14th Magazine Anniversary Event! Coming Soon

11:00 am - 3:00 pm Beyond Measure Ministries 904 E. Main St. Haw River, NC

A Few Words About CEO Deloris Williams

Publisher. Game-Changer. CEO. Master Networker for Marketplace Ministry. Kingdom Advocate

Deloris Williams is a remarkable leader in her community.   She graduated from Winston Salem State University with honors and received a BA in Therapeutic Recreation.   Deloris Williams is the founder and CEO of Divine Connections Magazine that started as a dream and now has been a major publication for 13 years and still going strong. This publication comes out quarterly via print and online. Today Deloris is continuing her commitment to Helping Businesses Connect to Their Potential.

She encourages people to have high expectations, to live an abundant life and most importantly to maximize life to the fullest and enjoy the journey.  She is the Author of the book entitled, “YOU CAN DO IT! Make It Happen & Handle your Business.” This book is a journal of her life and how she has accomplished things with the help of the Lord.  Now, her second book, THE KEY CONNECTOR, HOW TO BUILD AN EMPIRE HELPING PEOPLE.   Deloris has been nominated and awarded The Gospel Magazine of the Year from Gospel Choice Music Awards (Owner Jeffery Holmes in ATL).  She has also been nominated for Magazine of the Year from S & M Indie Awards, nominated for the Dunamis Award and for a Gospel Image Award. She has also been recognized for the Top Magazine from S & M Radio.  2022 she won the Print, Press Media Group of the year from the Rhythm of Gospel Awards in Jacksonville, Florida. She also has a journal and a Divine Connections Store with phenomenal products. She also provides graphic services and 30 sec and 60 sec video commercials, and interviews on her podcast – you can contact her for more information. Divine Connections will host 2 events a year. Divine Connections Magazine Anniversary annual event will include Gospel groups, Praise dancers, Mimes, Various Ministries and Entrepreneurs. Together we will Give God Glory, Celebrate Divine Connections Publication, and Network and Support each other. Then in October we bring the community together with Praise Dance groups, Mimes, Vendors, and Youth Vendors.
We have these events in NC.
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Mission: To aid the general community by bringing various minority groups and small businesses together creating a resourceful network that will help in providing valuable social/emotional connections for people of all races, cultures, and ethnicities.  

Purpose: To be a key connector in the community that will bring various connections such as health and wellness, financial literacy, media and marketing business strategies while collaborating with various vendors to aid in the distribution of these valuables’ resources for the community.

Divine Connections Movement LLC is a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering social and economic connections within the community, with a focus on supporting individuals, organizations, small groups, and small businesses. Our mission is to bring various individuals, organizations, small groups, and small businesses together, creating a resourceful network that provides valuable social/emotional connections for people of all races, cultures, and ethnicities. We aim to achieve this by facilitating connections in areas such as health and wellness, financial literacy, media and marketing, and business strategies, while collaborating with partners to distribute these resources effectively. Our goal is to become a key connector in the community, making a meaningful and positive impact on individuals' lives.

EmpoweHer WOMEN Online Gathering

EmpowerHer Women Online Gathering is an initiative designed to support, inspire, and empower women through monthly online meetings and live events. These gatherings provide a platform for women to share their stories, gain wisdom, and receive tools to enhance their quality of life. The project culminates in a collaborative anthology, an online master class, and a weekend retreat to further empower participants.

EmpoweHim MEN Online Gathering

EmpowerHim MEN ONLINE GATHERING is a transformative initiative designed to create a safe and supportive space for men to share their life challenges, discuss their businesses, and encourage each other to take off their metaphorical masks. Our mission is to guide men towards becoming individuals who are true to themselves and aligned with the principles that please God. This project will encompass monthly online gatherings, live events, an anthology, and celebratory activities that foster camaraderie, personal growth, and spiritual development.

Divine Connections "BRING IT" EVENT

Divine Connections “BRING IT” Community Empowerment Event seeks to foster a sense of unity and positivity within our community by bringing together a diverse range of organizations, entrepreneurs, and performers to inspire and uplift attendees. Through a dynamic program featuring praise dancers, mimes, gospel steppers, and youth entrepreneurs, this event aims to encourage individuals to explore their potential and make meaningful connections with one another.

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Dr. Bradford Howard is known as “DOC” - The Divine Connections Magazine is truly a Kingdom Blessing to Me, Dr. Bradford Howard Jr. It has allowed Me to get others across the USA to learn about the things that I do and to enhance My Personal Branding. Since being featured, I went from an unknown to being well known, Also, My Networks have increased, greater opportunities have come My way and I have received numerous Awards says Doc

Bradford howard KNOWN AS "DOC"

Testimony: Working with CEO Deloris is a pleasure. She has innovative ideas; she takes pride in what she does and it's to the Glory of God. Deloris is professional, organized, and loves what she does. Her love for people is one of a kind. She lights up a room with a smile. Her bubbly spirit is contagious. During Divine Connection events, my job is to greet and welcome with a smile. It's not hard to do because we are doing kingdom work. We work unto the Lord.



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