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Divine Connections: Helping Businesses Connect To Their Potential Through Faith Based Networks

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Featured in a Top Magazine: Your story, product, service, or ministry will be featured in a prestigious magazine, granting you instant credibility and recognition.

Powerful Interview: We'll conduct a captivating interview with you, allowing you to connect with your audience on a personal level and share your inspiring journey.

Comprehensive Social Media Exposure: Utilize the power of social media to its fullest. We'll promote you across various social platforms, ensuring your message reaches a wide and engaged audience.


Directory Listing: Enhance your online presence with a directory listing, making it easier for interested parties to find and connect with you.

Email Blast: Reach potential supporters and clients directly through an impactful email blast, ensuring your message lands in their inbox.

Hard Copy & Digital Copy of Magazine: Receive a tangible hard copy of the magazine for keepsake and a digital version for easy view.

Divine Connections Magazine App Listing: Extend your reach by being listed in our Divine Connections Magazine app, reaching tech-savvy readers on the go.

30-Second Video Commercial: Captivate your audience with a professionally produced video commercial that highlights your offerings and mission.

30-Second Audio Commercial: Reinforce your message with an engaging audio commercial that can be easily shared on various platforms.

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Divine Connections Magazine

Publisher. Game-Changer. CEO. Master Networker for Marketplace Ministry. Kingdom Advocate

Divine Connections Magazine is a faith-based, quarterly publication that aims to connect Christian or spiritual organizations across the United States.

Network members receive update and news FREE SUBSCRIPTION on us.

For more exclusive benefits join our VIP MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION to get incentives, quarterly magazines, and more.

Available in print and online. It’s how we show our appreciation for those who are dedicated to our network.


Get your 30 sec or 60 sec commercial created for your


30 sec or 60 sec commercial

Experience the power of Divine Connections! We specialize in crafting captivating, one-of-a-kind commercials tailored specifically for your business, book, church, event, or gospel group. In just 30 seconds or 60 seconds, we'll ignite your brand with creativity, authenticity, and unmatched uniqueness, ensuring you rise above the competition. With Divine Connections, prepare to leave a lasting impression that resonates deeply with your audience. Embrace the extraordinary and step into the spotlight today!

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  • Divine Connections App: Become an Ambassador

    • Expertise in their respective field

    • Demonstrates character and integrity

    • Provides excellent customer service

    • Possesses a strong network

    • Connects with potential clients

    • Offers an opportunity to build a cutting-edge network

    • Increases market share

    • Boosts repeat business

    • Enhances brand exposure

    • Improves customer retention

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