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Believing we all have the power to make an impact on others through works of faith, at Divine Connections, we want you to be a part of our faith-based network. Providing members with online tools, face-to-face community networking events in North Carolina, and our magazine, we strive to maintain our chain of positive influence and inspiration. We welcome entrepreneurs, authors, religious leaders and gospel artists to join Divine Connections network today. We look forward to making a faith-based connection with you.




Grow your church community, sharing lessons and fellowship through Divine Connections Magazine and our network. Our goal is to help create intimate groups in order to spread our ideas and faith across the country.








We know we already share a love of God — why not come together to share ideas and worship? As a unique community of faith-focused individuals, we believe we can create a better future for each of us. Providing a variety of benefits for each member of the Divine Connections network, we will be able to connect, grow and share our successes together in the best possible way — while praising God. Divine Connections invites you to join us. Our passion is to make connections in the community that support fellowship and faith. Deloris, our executive director and founder, has found her calling by bringing people together through Christ, and believes that it is her faith that gave her the opportunities to meet with some of the best business owners in the nation, connecting them through the sharing of ideas and ministry. Our belief is that the entire network — including our magazine, internet video blogs, and community events — work together to give all of our clients the best networking experience possible. We work to make as many connections between people and our ministries as possible to create a strong, faith-based network.

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When starting Divine Connections Magazine, Executive Director Deloris Williams knew she had created a distinct way of getting Christians to connect with one another. Armed with a bachelor’s degree in Art in Therapeutic Recreation, her self-motivated spirit led her to start her own unique business in North Carolina in 2007. Just as our founder’s entrepreneurial spirit guided her toward the creation of Divine Connections Magazine, we believe that connecting individuals through networking is the absolute best way solving problems and disputes. That idea is exactly what we have captured with our publication. Through businesses and individuals sharing their successes country-wide with our publication, we can help spread ideas and helpful suggestions. Inspired and driven to share words of encouragement and lift each other, we aim to create a network of people who will share experiences and revel in each other’s successes — all starting with our publications. We have an ultimate goal of getting to know each and every one of our clients, build a strong relationship with them and connect them with each other to grow and learn as a unique community. We like to say that everyone is a divine connection, and we help those businesses connect with each other on a deeper, spiritual level.



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